Photo Essay: Sutera Harbour 7K Charity Run 2009

This is only my second time joining this annual charity event with first in 2001 which was the inaugural run. But, unlike then I didn't manage to finish the whole circuit within the 77 minute time limit, probably due to me being distracted by always keeping a look-out for some interesting photo opportunities.

So, because of that I've learned that in order to get acceptable pictures, you either stick to just photographing the event, or if you intend to run, stick to running only. Do both, and you'll end up getting not much of anything...which was what I got.

The event was fun. Nothing like running-walking with a whole bunch of people together. It all adds to the very upbeat atmosphere. These are some pictures that I did manage to get in my half-run, half-taking-photo mode.

We were treated to a glorious, if a bit hazy, sunset during the run.

Check-point people: All playing their part to make the event a success.

Emergency services ever ready to offer free rides to the finish line. :)

Refill station: The most popular spot during the whole circuit.

International flavour at the run.

Work those legs, but mine didn't!

A fun family event.