A Family Portrait

In my post yesterday, I said that I was going for a photoshoot with my cousin Alvin to take some pictures of a family. Well, we did it! A lot of things went well with the shoot, and I'm pretty happy with some of the shots. Here are the things that stood out:
  1. The weather was just splendid! The past few days saw rain, rain and more rain. So, the main worry was that it might just rain this morning. Thank God, it didn't. The sky was quite quite cloudy (perfectly diffused if not non-directional lighting) and later on the sun managed to peek out a bit.
  2. The family members (Dr. Paream and her husband - whom I've forgotten the name! - and their two kids, Ashvin and Ashlin) were such good sports. They humoured the both us and did everything we asked them. Of course, Alvin did the ice-breaking and started the ball rolling, and did most of the cajoling!
  3. Some of my "errors" turned out to be wonderful experiments in photo-editing and the results I think were just brilliant!
Now, you can view the other photos of this shoot at Alvin's blog, but here's three from me. Thanks to Dr. Paream for a wonderful time, and thanks too Alvin for giving me this opportunity.

The pic above and the pic below were the "errors".
But I guess in the end they turned out quite well, no?

The family in full-colour glory!