Photo Essay: The Cross-country Race

The school in which I teach at had their cross-country race today, and I was the designated photographer. Ain't that great? I decided to use this opportunity to get lots of practice with my 135mm prime lens. I'm really starting to grow on this lens. I like it because for the focal length, I get f/2.8, which I really like. And the bokeh is quite nice, too! The only downside is that it takes a bit more time to focus as it's a manual focus lens, but I still enjoy using it. So, most of the shots below were shot with this lens. The only other lens I used was the kit 18-55mm lens for it's wider angle.

There'll be 18 shots in all. It's gonna take a while to load!

Rounding up the students

Get ready here, not there!


Over-seeing the final preparations


All ears

The starting line

Running fashion

The warm-up

Waiting for the word


The way to do it

Going for it

All heated up

Light speed

Winners' table

Tired but done

Keeping score