Kota Belud Trip

Went to Kota Belud yesterday with the intention of enjoying the yearly Tamu Besar (tamu means open air market) but that wasn't to be. It not only had been raining the since early morning (so that was sure to put a damper on activities) but to make matters worse, there was hardly anything to see! We went to the tamu grounds expecting throngs of people, but all we saw were several sellers just setting up their stalls.

So, with nothing happening at the tamu grounds, we drove around Kota Belud for some sightseeing and were rewarded with some rather beautfiul scenery. Of course, we had to make do with the weather which just couldn't seem to decide whether it wanted to rain or stay dry.

Kota Belud has some wonderful scenery. Pity that Mt. Kinabalu was totally covered by clouds...

Dark clouds looming

Shots of the raging water near the small 'dam'. The water was a greenish colour which didn't look very nice. So decided to change the photo into black and white. I'd say it looks like a cracker! Don't you think?

Another take at a different angle of the same place.


October 31, 2008 at 4:28 PM Anonymous said...

I really like the black/white ones! :-)

The coloured picture is too surreal in my eyes. Though still a very nice shot, I generally prefer less level-adjusted photos.